2017 Junior Pan American Championship Team


2017 Junior Pan American Championship Team

Badminton Canada is pleased to announce the athletes and coaches selected to represent Canada at this year’s Junior Pan American Championships

Badminton Canada is pleased to announce the athletes and coaches selected to represent Canada at this year’s Junior Pan American Championships, being held in Markham, Ontario from July 19th to the 29th, 2017. With 87 athletes competing in age groups from U11 to U19, Team Canada will have a strong representation of athletes from across the nation working collectively in the pursuit of excellence.

Badminton Canada would like to be the first to formally congratulate each athlete who has qualified for the 2017 Junior Pan American Team. We are confident that our selected group of athletes has the talent, skills, and character that is required to bring badminton in Canada to the highest level. Congratulations to the following lists of athletes who are official members of the 2017 Junior Pan American Championship Team:




April Cao - Alberta

Ryan Chen - Alberta

Oliver Chen - Ontario

Gabriel Ching - Alberta

Isabelle Lachance - Alberta

Katie Lau - Ontario

Jadalynn Lee - Alberta

Emma Meng - Ontario

Kobee Seto - Alberta

Lyric Su - Ontario

Justin Sun - Québec

Jessica Wang - Ontario

Katie Watson - Alberta

Matthew Wong - Alberta

Matthew Yu - Ontario

Liam Zhang - Ontario

Ally Chia - Alberta

Jackie Dent - Ontario

Chloe Hoang - Ontario

Julian Lau - Alberta

Jonathan Lee - Alberta

Daniel Li - Ontario

Brooks Liu - Alberta

Jeffrey Liu - Ontario

Ryan Liu – British Columbia

Timothy Lock - Ontario

Natalie Nakatsui - Alberta

Joshua Nguyen - Ontario

Maggie Su - Ontario

Katy Wong - Ontario

Alex Xu - Ontario

Joanna Xu - Alberta

Alena Yu - Alberta

Mike Butler (HC) - New Brunswick

Kevin Cao - Ontario

Stéphane Cadieux - Ontario

Phyllis Chan - British Columbia

Jennifer Lee - Ontario

Sonny Lee - Alberta

Wen Wang - Alberta

Efendi Wijaya - Ontario

Congratulations to the following list of athletes who are offical members of the 2017-18 Junior National Team:




Lily Bastell - Alberta

Rachel Chan - Ontario

Ethan Chen - Alberta

Jessica Cheng - Ontario

Minh Cheng - Ontario

Jeslyn Chow - Ontario

Victor Lai - Ontario

Ivan Li - Ontario

Win Liao - Ontario

Sophia Nong - Ontario

Alayna Walia - Québec

Braydon Wang - Ontario

Dylan Wang - Ontario

Ryan Wang – British Columbia

Mataia Wong - Alberta

Noelle Yau – British Columbia

Alexander Bianchini - Québec

Emily Chan - Alberta

Clarence Chau - Ontario

Yunzhi Chen - Alberta

Jacqueline Cheung - Ontario

Catherine Choi - Ontario

Darren Choi - Ontario

Stanley Feng - Ontario

Victor Huang – British Columbia

Colin Jia - Ontario

Crystal Lai- Ontario

Talia Ng - Ontario

Catherine Plante-Gonthier - Québec

Kyle To - Ontario

Tiffany Too - Ontario

Anthony Tso - Ontario

Kevin Wang - Ontario

Eliana Zhang - Quebec

Wendy Zhang – British Columbia

Mark Dasios - Ontario

Cara de Belle - Ontario

Sarah Gale - Ontario

Katie Ho-Shue - Ontario

Jailyn Joensen - Ontario

Miklos Kanyasi - Nova Scotia

Eyota Kwan - Alberta

Samuel Labelle - Québec

Natalie Lam - Ontario

Abby Ledda - Alberta

Victor Lu - Ontario

Alexandra Mocanu - Québec

Mathieu Morneau - Québec

Anthony Nguyen - Québec

Nicolas Nguyen - Québec

Arnish Patel - Manitoba

Desmond Wang - Alberta

Brian Yang - Ontario

Aaron Zhao - British Columbia


“Being selected to play for Team Canada is an incredible honor that all these athletes have worked tremendously hard to achieve”, said Jordan Bridal, Manager- High Performance with Badminton Canada. “We are extremely proud of one of the largest Badminton teams that has ever represented Canada and feel this group of NextGen athletes represents a great future for Canada internationally”.

Throughout the year, our junior athletes have been traveling the country in order to compete at Yonex Junior Elite Series events, in aspirations of qualifying for a spot on the Junior Pan American Team. As the Championship approaches, each athlete is one step closer to achieving their goal of representing their country on the international stage.

In preparation for the Championships, each Junior National Team member (U15-U19) will be provided the opportunity to participate in a regional training camp lead by our National Team Head Coach, Mike Butler. These camps will focus upon athlete testing – skill, physical, and tactical. By initiating the athlete baseline testing, we will be able to track athlete development throughout the season, and for years to come.

A large honor of being part of the Junior Pan American Team is receiving the National Team Uniform. Thanks to Badminton Canada’s sponsor Yonex, each team member will receive a full Team Canada clothing package. With all athletes and coaches wearing the latest Yonex gear in Canadian colors, Team Canada will be looking professional throughout the competition.

Badminton Canada is excited about welcoming countries from across the Americas to compete and share a passion for badminton, is thrilled about the level of competition that is ahead. Good luck to all athletes competing in the 2017 Junior Pan American Championships, and congratulations to all athletes who have been selected as part of Team Canada.

Mike Luck
Events & Communications Officer
Badminton Canada
700 Industrial Av, Ottawa, ON
613-569-2424 Ext: 102

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