BCAN Certified Coach Registration


In order to be eligible to coach at a Yonex (Junior/Senior) Elite event, and National Championship events, all coaches must abide by the Coach Certification Policy and Coaching Field of Play Policy (found within the General Competition Regulations), and register following the instructions below:


1. Complete the Vulnerable Sector Criminal Records Check with Sterling Backcheck: https://www.sterlingtalentsolutions.ca/landing-pages/b/badminton-canada/

*You will be asked to upload your Sterling Backcheck to your profile in PlayerWeb.


2. Complete either the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders module: https://badmintoncanada-al.respectgroupinc.com/ or the CAC Safe Sport Training module: https://safesport.coach.ca/participants-training 

*You will be asked to upload your Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders certificate to your profile in PlayerWeb. The CAC Safe Sport Training in the Locker will be automatically linked to PlayerWeb.


3. Log into PlayerWeb: https://playerweb.com/#!/memberships/badminton-canada-licenses?fbclid=IwAR3Y15wAG5f09fHXZ1iPDDKP5Em0ViRkHlE-JNDyxNueRj9Q89ma1AKA7Vw

§Select ‘Step 3 – National Coach Licenses Registration 2023-2024’  and follow the registration process. The system will find your profile or generate a new one if it does not already exist. Complete the information fields as required. Please ensure to upload your Sterling Backcheck, Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders certificate and a head and shoulders photo for your Coach Accreditation. The CAC Safe Sport Training in The Locker will already be linked to PlayerWeb.


4. Once completed it will show as ‘pending approval’. BCAN will review the submission, and ‘issue” the License if all requirements have been met.


5. You will receive an email confirming your submission, and receipt of the Sterling Backcheck. Your electronic Coach Accreditation will be produced and will need to be downloaded onto your phone in order to be shown to the Referee/Umpire of the tournament and/or match.


*Please note that failure to complete any of these steps may result in being denied Field of Play access.

Any questions, please contact jdawson@badminton.ca.