National Officials Committee (NOC)

Terms of Reference

The National Officials Committe is comprised of 6 officials who represent all the Canadian regions and different levels of officiating: Pacific, Prairies, Alberta, Ontario, Québec, and Atlantic. Under new Badminton Canada's mandate, each PSO/TSO is responsible to contact their NOC representative in all matters regarding National Umpires and Referees such as:

• National umpire accreditation/certification

• National Officials assignments


National Officials Committee 

Chair - Ashley Sceviour 

Badminton Canada (non voting) - Mike Luck

Ian Lagden

Rémi Beaulieu

Cinnati Loi

Mike Walker

Mark Briscombe


National Representation

Our goal is to have all officials in Canada represented in the National Officials' Committee, we urge officials nation wide to contact their regional representative for upcoming evaluations, international umpiring opportunities, and other suggestions or concerns you may have. All comments are welcomed. 


Ontario representative - Ian Lagden

Level: BWF Referee (retired)



Quebec representative - Rémi Beaulieu

Level: Pan Am Certified umpire



Atlantic region representative - Mark Briscombe

Level: BWF Certified umpire



Alberta representative - Ashley Sceviour

Level: National Certified umpire



Prairies representative - Cinnati Loi

Level: National Certified Umpire



Pacific region representative - Mike Walker

Level: BWF Umpire assesor