BWF E-Learning Opportunities

The courses below are offered free of charge through the BWF World Academy Platform. Individuals will need to create an account to access the materials. Some courses and material are only offered in English.  


Shuttle Time Courses 

This course offers school teachers access to free resources which include: teachers manual, 22 lesson plans, and 92 supporting video clips. These courses will help in teaching enjoyable, safe and inclusive badminton activities for school aged children 5-15 years old. This module provides an opportunity for participants to learn theoretical aspects of the Shuttle Time programme in a fun interactive way.  

The resources can be found here: 


Coach Education 

There are 4 levels available for coach education framework. They are: 

Level 1- Includes 12 modules outlining the basic coaching principles of: what to coach, how to coach, planning and delivery, coaches manual, tutors’ manual, instructional video clips. 

Level 2- Advanced coaching award, for coaches who have an interest in planning and delivering a one-year training program. Consists of 11 modules.  

Level 3- Specialized coaching award, for badminton coaches who are interested in high-level youth coaching or elite coaching.  

Disability coaching- For coaches working alongside badminton players with disabilities.  

The resources can be found here: 


Technical Officials 

Offers resources for line judges, umpires and referees. These materials will help ensure fair and objective competition at consistent high standards.  

The resources can be found here: 


National Administration Course 

Aimed at national federations and associations looking to develop the sport of badminton in their area. There are 3 main national administrators pathways. These are designed for active administrators in the federation, there are: 

Player Pathway Program (PPP)- A short course aimed at building a systematic approach to athlete development and talent identification.  

Sports Federation Management Program (SFMP)- Short course addressing the core strategic and operational areas for administrators.  

Postgraduate Certificate (PGC)- Aimed at high-performing administrators from the national federations, Continental confederations and the BWF.  

The resources can be found here:  


Player Pathway Program 

Assists national federations in creating a player pathway that is right for them. Participants will carry-out activities that will help create their own systematic plans for: 

- Identifying and developing talent 

- Finding resources and support needed 

- Identifying the stakeholders involved 

- Gaining stakeholder support 

- Presenting high performance athletes at major events 

- Achieving and validating interim and final objects 

The resources can be found here: 


Event Management Course 

Provides a general introduction to BWF events.  

Level 1 Event Management Course- aimed towards event organizers wishing to stage Grade 3 events.  

Level 2 Event Management Course- aimed towards event organizers wanting to upgrade Grade 3 events to Grade 2.  

The resources can be found here:  


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