Badminton Canada Partners with American Income Life


Badminton Canada Partners with American Income Life

Each BCAN licence holder to receieve $2000 life insurance policy 

Badminton Canada has signed an agreement with American Income Life that provides each player, coach, or official associated with BCAN a $2000 life insurance policy (must be a minimum of 18 years of age). Licence holders will receive a notice in the mail informing them of this added benefit along with more information on the policy. 


What do I have to do?

If you would like the benefit to go to your estate, then no further action is needed!

If you would like to allocate the benefit to someone specific, you will need to complete the form and send it in.


I am a licence holder but I did not receive anything. What can I do?

Please ensure your address in Tournament Software or PlayerWeb is correct.
Contact for further assistance.


I want these benefits, how can I get a licence with BCAN?

Simply sign in/create account on and register for a provincial level membership or higher. 




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