Yonex renews sponsorship with Badminton Canada


Yonex renews sponsorship with Badminton Canada

Yonex continues to support the sport by renewing its sponsorship partnership with Badminton Canada

Yonex is continuing its commitment to badminton across the country through renewed partnerships. Following a renewal to support High Performance programs within Badminton Canada last year, Yonex has re-committed to supporting the Yonex Canada Open (held in Calgary in July) and the Yonex Canadian International Challenge (held in Markham in December) through 2026.

 “Yonex is committed to growing the sport of badminton across the country. With our recent launch of the Legend’s Vision Legacy Program in December 2023, we feel our continued partnership will encourage the advancement of both junior & senior athletes as we pursue our collective goal of achieving excellence at future major events such as the Olympic Games,” shared Paul Staudzs, Yonex Sales & Marketing Manager “Badminton Canada not only provides a vehicle for players to engage in the sport, but also creates avenues for us to present and highlight our products, offering Canadians the tools they need to elevate their performance.”

 Yonex offers a wide lineup of products to support players of all levels and passion across the country. These products showcase the craftsmanship and quality that will allow players to focus on individual performance improvement. Yonex products are available from a wide variety of retailers across Canada.  

“Badminton Canada is thrilled to continue our partnership with Yonex. Given the landscape of financial support in Canadian sport decreasing, their commitment to our athletes, programs and events, is essential,” commented Bryan R. Merrett, Executive Director, “Badminton is exploding across the country. Working with an exceptional company such as Yonex proves the value of the programs and services we are offering.”

 Through their multiple partnerships, Yonex will provide significant support to the operation of High-Performance programs such as the national teams and to Badminton Canada key international events. Anticipate Yonex’s active participation at the 2024 Yonex Canada Open and Yonex Canadian International Challenge providing both support and equipment to athletes. 

 About Badminton Canada

With shuttles reaching speeds as high as 493 kph, badminton attracts more than 220 million people worldwide to play the sport weekly, making badminton the second most participated-in sport in the world. Badminton Canada works to grow the game across the country through events, coaching and officials’ development, and developing programs such as Shuttletime. In Canada, over 2 million people picked up a badminton racquet last year and played our sport. Some played at the cottage, some in the backyard, at school, the local community centre or as part of an organized Badminton Canada competition. Badminton is easily accessible - for any Canadian - at any age - for life!

About Yonex Canada

With high quality products, YONEX will continue to enrich the world through sports, by combining timeless Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, Yonex has been giving players the tools they need to triumph on the court for over 75 years. The Yonex philosophy has always remained the same: to craft a better future with unique innovations. As a global brand and sporting goods manufacturer, Yonex remains resolute in their mission to create and deliver the highest quality products to customers across the globe. Visit www.yonex.com to browse the Yonex product line and craftsmanship.


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