New Board of Directors elected for Badminton Canada


New Board of Directors elected for Badminton Canada

Badminton Canada held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 28th, 2023, where a new Board of Directors was elected.

Badminton Canada President, Ken Poole chaired his last meeting as President after leading the organization for the last 2 years. During the AGM, three members of the Board were acclaimed along with 4 newly elected members. The new board will lead the organization in its mission to inspire, promote, govern and develop exceptional Badminton experiences in Canada and lead a world class Canadian Badminton sport system.

The newly elected Board of Directors includes:

  • Erik Nilsson (BC) as President
  • Stephen Pothier (NS) as Vice President
  • Tracy Wong (ON) as Secretary
  • and four Directors at Large: Ken Poole (AB), Thomas Lamarche (QC), Tanya Postlewaite (SK), and Heather Dart (ON)

Returning Board members Jaimie Dawson (AB) as Treasurer and Claire Backhouse-Sharpe (BC) as Director at large remain for their terms on the Board of Directors for Badminton Canada.

The new board brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Badminton Canada. Erik Nilsson, the new President, has been involved in the sport for many years and has served on the Board of Badminton Canada as director at large and Secretary. Stephen Pothier is a former Director at large and has been acclaimed into the position of Vice President, which will be a great asset to the organization.

Tracy Wong, the new Secretary, has experience in finance and administration, which will be invaluable to Badminton Canada. Ken Poole, Thomas Lamarche, Tanya Postlewaite, and Heather Dart, the four Directors at Large, bring a range of skills and experience to the board, including marketing, event planning, and community outreach. The Board of Directors is happy to keep Ken Poole on the board through the transition to a new era of Badminton in Canada.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as President of Badminton Canada for the past two years.” said Ken Poole. “Seeing the Yonex Canada Open be elevated to a BWF World Tour Super 500 level event was certainly a highlight for me. I am delighted to pass the torch to Erik Nilsson and look forward to continuing to work with him as well as the new Board of Directors.”

With this new Board of Directors, Badminton Canada is poised to continue its growth and success in promoting and developing the sport of badminton across the country.

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