Recap: XXXI Pan Am Junior Championships 2023


Recap: XXXI Pan Am Junior Championships 2023

Badminton Canada's National Junior Team athletes competed at the 2023 XXXI Pan Am Junior Championships, July 13-21 in Lima, Peru.

From July 13 to 21, 58 athletes and 5 coaches participated in the 2023 XXXI Pan Am Junior Championships in Lima, Peru. The athletes competed against the top Junior athletes in Pan America for a chance to win Team and Individual titles.  

In the first days of competition, Team Canada was placed into Group B of the Team Event (U19) alongside Mexico, Ecuador and Cost Rica. Winning every match in their pool, Canada moved on to play Peru where they came out on top, winning 3-0. In the finals, Team Canada made a strong effort against Team USA but did not manage to beat their strong USA opponents to end the Team Event with a deserving silver medal. 

In the following days, Canada competed in the Individual Event (U13 / U15 / U17 / U19) where they were able to secure an outstanding 18 medals including 4 Gold, 4 Silver, and 10 Bronze. The U17 age category showed an especially strong performance throughout the tournament.  

“Canada once again traveled to the Pan Am Junior Championships with a very strong and enthusiastic group of athletes, Coaches and parents. Congratulations to all our players who put in great performances. They come away with an understanding of what it takes to be competitive at the Pan Am level. Thank you to Coaches Val Loker, Cathy Chau, Elliott Beals, Chantal Jobin and Raymond Koh who skillfully and tirelessly led our team throughout the tournament. Badminton Canada was well represented, and we are proud of this team.” Janice Dawson, ChPC, Team Manager.  

Our medalists:  

MD U13: Edison Ming Yi Li / Ziming Max Wang – Bronze  

MD U13: Ben Kai Wang / Aris Zhu – Bronze  

WD U13: Abigail Lam / Chloe Li – Bronze 

WD U13: Spring Guo / Sarah Liu – Bronze 

MD U15: Kevin Yang / Shaurya Gullaiya – Bronze 

WS U17: Emma Meng – Gold 

WS U17: Mengyao Tian – Silver 

WS U17: Katie Lau – Bronze 

MS U17: Asher Bedi – Gold  

MS U17: Matthew Yu – Bronze  

WD U17: Kaylee Sichen Wang / Mengyao Tian – Gold  

WD U17: Lyric Su / Katie Lau – Silver  

MD U17: Liam Zhang / Rongpeng Zhou – Silver 

MD U17: Matthew Yu / Oliver Chen – Bronze 

XD U17: Emma Meng / Rongpeng Zhou – Gold 

WS U19: Alena Yu – Bronze  

MS U19: Timothy Lock – Bronze  

MD U19: Kevin Wang / Timothy Lock – Silver 

WD U19: Jasmine Shi/ Emily Xia- Bronze

WD U19: Joanna Xu/ Alena Yu- Bronze


To review the draws and results:  

Team Event (U19)

Individual Event (U13-U19)

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