Join Badminton Canada's Vision 2021 Campaign


Join Badminton Canada's Vision 2021 Campaign

Find out how to support our 2020 Olympic hopefuls as they continue on the road to Toyko!

Find out how to support our 2020 Olympic hopefuls as they continue on the road to Tokyo!

2020 is here and like everyone, plans have changed! The Olympic Games have been moved to summer 2021 meaning another year of competition for our Olympic hopefuls.

Our Canadian athletes continue to invest in themselves to advance their Olympic dream and to represent our country on the world stage. Now more than ever, they need our support and enthusiasm for their dedication to our sport. Badminton Canada's Vision 2021 Campaign has already raised over $145,000 for our athletes with a goal of $250,000. Now, with mere months before Tokyo 2021, we want to mobilize the Badminton community, and Canadians to invest in our team. Every dollar raised will go directly to our athletes. 100% of donated dollars will support their capacity to compete at their best leading up to, and during the Olympics.

Thanks to an anonymous donation in honour of 2012 Olympian, Alex Bruce, Badminton Canada will be matching all donations $1 for $1 up to $10,000 until December 31st, 2020! Join the campaign and double the impact of your donation today!

Your support, at any level, will be a celebration of their athletic achievement, and will directly support them on their Olympic dreams. Lets show our athletes that our community is behind them, and we are all Team Canada!

Find out more information about the campaign and donate today at: 


Where does my donation go?

100% of all donation go directly to support Olympic hopefuls. This includes and is not limited to; entry fees, travel & accommodations support, coaching support, strength & conditioning, mental perform and high-performance panning & support.


How many athletes are on track to qualify for the Olympic Games?

Currently, Canada is set to have 7 athletes qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games, with one athlete making a push for a spot in the final months of the Olympic Qualifying period. This would be a record number of athletes qualified in Badminton for any Olympic Games!


Can I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, all donors will be eligible to receive a tax receipt for every donation made to the campaign.


For other inquiries related to the Badminton Vision 2021 Campaign, please email 

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