Looking Back: Six months of COVID-19 in Canada


Looking Back: Six months of COVID-19 in Canada

Badminton Canada takes a look back on the six month suspension of play during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada

As the 2020-21 badminton season is about to begin, the global pandemic continues to heavily impact our communities after six months. March 15th, 2020 marked the latest day of National level badminton competition in Canada, at the Ontario Junior Elite at Humber College. Since then, Badminton Canada has been working with Sport Canada, the BWF, federal and provincial health organizations, provincial badminton associations, host committees, the BCan Players Association, and many others to ensure a safe return to play for all.

"Big thank you to Humber College for the additional support they were able to provide the weekend the pandemic began in Canada. With their assistance we were able to safely conclude the Ontario Junior Elite, and suspend all national competition in the following days" said Executive Director, Joe Morissette.

Since the suspension of play six months ago, Badminton Canada has been working diligently on a return to play strategy. Through countless hours of work from experts in the community to develop COVID-19 & Return to Play resources, BCan has been able to support the reopening and return to play for many clubs and some provincial members. 

"Although badminton is not ready to return to competition at the national level, Badminton Canada would like to thank and acknowledge all those that have been involved in the planning, creation, and delivery of our return to play protocols to date" continued, Joe Morissette. "We would also like to thank our host committees and provincial associations for their assistance in event postponements and cancelations. Lastly, we would like to thank our greater badminton community for demonstrating patience and understanding through these difficult times."

Since March 15th, 2020 - Badminton Canada has seen the postponements and calcelations of the following domestic and international events hosted in Canada:

  • 2020 YONEX University & College National Championships - Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX Canadian International Challenge- Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX Canadian Masters Championships- Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX U23 & Junior National Champinoships- Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX Junior National Development Team Qualifier- Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX Para-Badminton International - Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX Canada Open- Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX Prairie Elite - Postponed
  • 2020 YONEX Quebec Elite- Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX Prairie Junior Elite - Postponed
  • 2020 YONEX Alberta Junior Elite - Postponed
  • 2020 YONEX Atlantic Elite- Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX BC Elite- Cancelled
  • 2020 YONEX Atlantic Junior Elite- Cancelled


Be sure to check the Badminton Canada 2020-21 Tournament Calendar regularly for event status updates. 

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