"Badminton is my passion" - Jennifer Lee

Check out the interview with Jennifer Lee done by Badminton Pan Am in honor of Pan Am Women Month!

Outstanding Canada’s Coach, Jennifer Yiu Yiu Lee has had the opportunity to share her experience and knowledge with players and coaches in the various events she has participated, either in tournaments directing her athletes or in coaching conferences.

Lee met badminton in Hong Kong, her native country, where as a child, she chose to learn badminton and a family member taught her how to play it. After a few years she would win her first tournament and the path of success would just begin.

“I wanted to formally learn badminton and asked my mom to find me a good coach. My mom asked around and found me a really good coach. He coached me to get my first at the Hong Kong U15 WS.”

For Jennifer, choosing sport as a career has not been easy. She has learned a lot during these years as a coach and continues to learn from our sport every time she picks up a racket and shares her experiences.

“I would say that sport has given me the best survival skills in life. Perseverance, discipline, staying positive, building that internal drive, taking risk….all these things I learned during training, during tournaments…I apply them in building my business, handling difficult people relationships and coaching.”

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Written by: Badminton Pan Am

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