Brian Yang Wins Gold at Youth Olympic Games


Brian Yang Wins Gold at Youth Olympic Games

Team Alpha wins gold in Buenos Aires in Argentina! 

Congratulations to Brian Yang and Team Alpha on winning gold in the relay event at the Youth Olympic Games.


Brian Yang of Richmond Hill, ON, had a spectacular performance and was an integral part of his relay team, contributing 30 of the 110 points needed for team Alpha to win


His first singles match for Team Alpha was against Kunlavut Vitidsarn. Brian was able to keep his team’s lead with a score of 44-42, outscoring his opponent 16-9


Later on in the event, Brian paired with Vannthoun Vath of Cambodia for Men’s Doubles. Yang and Vath kept Team Alpha ahead of the game leaving the score at 66-63 after their match, outscoring their opponents 14-8.


Team Alpha would go on to win 110-106 against Team Omega, making them 2018 Youth Olympic Games Champions. Congratulations to Brian and his teammates.


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