Badminton Canada Newsletter: Sept - Dec 2017


Badminton Canada Newsletter: Sept - Dec 2017

Read all about Badminton Canada in the first edition of our Newsletter!

Badminton Canada is pleased to introduce our Quarterly Newsletter!

In order to better communicate with our members, Badminton Canada has put together a Newsletter to summarize our domestic and international events, share important developments, and showcase the best of our badminton athletes and communities! 


  • Cover page featuring Rachel Honderich
  • 2017-18 Yonex Canadian National Team 


  • 2018 Black Knight Para-badminton National Championships
  • 2017-18 Para-badminton National Team


  • Summary of the 2017 Yonex Prairie, Alberta & Atlantic Junior Elite Series Events


  • Summary of the 2017 Quebec, Priaire, Alberta, BC & Atlantic Elite Series Events


  • 2017 World Junior Championships
  • 2017 Dutch Open
  • 2017 HongKong Open
  • 2017 Suriname International Challenge


  • New Partnership with WestJet
  • 2017 Badminton Canada Award Winners
  • Passing of Rolf Patterson

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