NCCP Maintenance of Certification- Professional Development

Professional development is very important to our organization as it allows our coaches to engage in lifelong learning, promotes growth and development of our coaches, provides our athletes with the best opportunity to achieve their goals, and is fun and engaging for all who participate.

It is important to Badminton Canada that all our coaches are certified and can continue providing the best for our athletes. It is our job to inform our coaches on how they can continue to be certified and what they need to do to make this achievable. Coaches will need to acquire their professional development points before January 2022 to continue being classified as a NCCP certified coach.

Below are frequently asked questions that can be found on the website which will help describe why the certification is important, how many points you need to keep certification, how you can receive professional development points, etc.

Why do I need to maintain my certification?

• This allows coaches to stay up to date on coaching knowledge, which is essential to athlete performance. In sports things are always changing, it is the organization and coaches’ job to make sure everyone is up to date and can provide the best opportunity for their athletes.

How do I earn professional development points?

• National and provincial sport organization conferences and workshops

• eLearning modules

• NCCP workshops

• Coach mentorship programs

• Active coaching

How many points do I receive participating in professional development events?

• NCCP training or evaluation events are worth 5 points

• Non-NCCP events are worth 1 point for each hour they last, up to a maximum of 3 points

• Active coaching will give 1 point per year

• Through self-directed learning you can earn a maximum of 3 points per five-year PD cycle.

How many professional development points do I need to maintain my certification?

• Inst-Beg: 10 points

• Comp-Int: 20 points

• Comp-Dev: 30 points

How long do I have to receive my professional development points?

• You have 5 years to get your professional development points. Every 5 years the points will be re-set to 0 and professional development will need to be continued to ensure you stay as a certified coach.

How do I check how many professional development points I have?

• You can log into the locker and check your transcript by using your NCCP number.

How do I make sure my points are recorded for professional development?

• Tell the organizer of the event that you would like to receive points for professional development. It is their job to enter the names of participants of the event into the locker. When this is done you will see on your transcript that these points have been granted.

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