The BCPA is a volunteer organization whose main function is to serve as a tool by which Badminton Canada may support high performance badminton athletes in Canada to develop their potential and achieve their professional goals.

We will do this through education, leadership, and co-operation with the National and Provincial organizations while also further promoting the game of badminton at a competitive and recreational level across Canada. The BCPA is ultimately about “players helping players”.


Luke Couture - President Philippe Charron - VicePresident


Badminton Canada Players Association Constitution

The purpose of the BCPA is:

To understand, educate, promote and further the interests of 'high performance' badminton players in Canada. To monitor and suggest improvements to the arrangements connected with Badminton Canada events; and Generally; to promote the sport of badminton in Canada.

2016 Report Quarters 3 and 4

2016 Report Quaters 1 and 2

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report