Senior Athlete Assistance Program

Athlete Assistance Program (APP) Carding 

The "Athlete Assistance Program" (AAP) is a national financial support program for designated elite national and international level athletes.  The main goal of the AAP is to contribute to improved Canadian performances at major international sporting events such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Games, Paralympic Games and World Championships. To this end, the AAP identifies and supports athletes already at or having the potential to be in the top-16 in the world.


The program is federally funded through Sport Canada, with Badminton Canada providing sport-specific guidelines based upon the program's overall objectives and funding limitations.  Badminton Canada and Sport Canada meet annually to review athlete applications for funding assistance through AAP, and to update the guidelines as required.  Badminton Canada provides the technical assistance to Sport Canada for the carding approval process by providing nominations that are in accordance with the approved carding criteria.  Sport Canada determines final approval for athletes to be supported under the AAP.


AAP Carding Criteria: 2022-23

Badminton Canada Internal Appeal Process