Badminton Canada Joins Abuse Free Sport


Badminton Canada Joins Abuse Free Sport

Badminton Canada (BCan) is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to join Abuse-Free Sport, the new independent program to prevent and address maltreatment in sport. 


Badminton Canada  and its stakeholders at the national level now have access to the services of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC), which serves as the central hub of Abuse-Free Sport in Canada. The Office will also maintain a national sanctions registry, which prevents individuals from evading sanctions by moving to different sports or to different jurisdictions.


“Badminton Canada understands the importance of creating a safe and inclusive sport environment for all. We recognize our role in creating a healthy atmosphere where all stakeholders can feel respected and perform their best.” said Jordan Bridal, Executive Director of Badminton Canada. “The sport community has been asking for just this kind of consistent national program. We’re pleased to sign on to Abuse-Free Sport and to have the OSIC to administer our safe sport complaints.” 


Effective immediately, the OSIC will administer any complaints about admissible allegations of abuse, harassment or discrimination against Badminton Canada national level participants.


Badminton Canada participants who wish to file a complaint involving allegations that are  not subject to the UCCMS but do violate the Badminton Canada Code of Conduct should contact the independent third party Safe Sport Officer, Lise Maclean ( who will then determine the appropriate forum and manner to address the complaint. For complaints at the provincial or club level, please  continue to follow respective PTSO Safe Sport protocols.


For more information about the Abuse-Free Sport program click here, on the OSIC click here, and on Badminton Canada Safe Sport click here.






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