2020-21 YONEX Canadian National Team!


2020-21 YONEX Canadian National Team!

Badminton Canada is proud to introduce the members of the 2020-21 YONEX Senior National Team!

Badminton Canada is thrilled with the development and talent of our top players in Canada. With our NationalTeam sights set on the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, we are confident our Canadian National Team members have the passion and talent necessary to continue their success and help Canada shine at the highest level of badminton.

YONEX Canada will once again be the title sponsor of the Canadian National Team, providing our athletes with all of their badminton needs on and off the court!

“We are excited about the success of our national team athletes this past season; we currently have seven athletes on track to make the Olympics this year . The most athletes in recent history, if not ever” said National Head Coach, Mike Butler. “We will look to continue to provide the support and services needed for our national team athletes, and are confident that these athletes will help lead Canada to great international success at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.”


Jason Ho-Shue - E-badminton Training Centre - Ontario

Joshua Hurlburt-Yu - Mandarin Badminton - Ontario

Nyl Yakura – KC Badminton Club – Ontario

Brian Yang – Mandarin Badminton - Ontario


Rachel Honderich - E-Badminton Training Centre - Ontario

Michelle Li - Lee's Badminton Training Centre - Ontario

Brittany Tam – KC Badminton Club - Ontario

Kristen Tsai – ClearOne Badminton Club – British Columbia

Josephine Wu - B-Active Badminton Club – Alberta

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