Denyse Julien Inducted into the Badminton Canada Hall of Fame


Denyse Julien Inducted into the Badminton Canada Hall of Fame

On May 3rd 2019 Denyse Julien was inducted into the Badminton Canada Hall of Fame following the 2019 Yonex Canadian Masters Championships

The 2019 Yonex Canadian Masters Badminton Championships took place in Quebec City from April 27 to May 3 2019. Upon conclusion of the Championship, a ceremony was held inducting Denyse Julien into the Badminton Canada Hall of Fame.  

Born in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec in 1960, Denyse has grown up to become one of the most decorated Canadian badminton athletes. Attaining multiple titles, awards and Hall of Fame inductions, Denyse Julien has become a household name for Badminton Canada.

Throughout her career, Denyse has competed in many notable championships including the 1995 Pan American Games in Argentina where she took home gold for all three events. In addition, her participation in the 1992, 1996 and 2004 Olympic Games makes her the only Canadian badminton player to participate in three Olympics!

Domestically, Denyse also holds an impressive record of 31 national titles - more than an other Canadian in history. She continues to compete annually in the Canadian Masters Badminton Championships, and shares her passion for badminton with friends and family.

Throughout the year, Denyse Julien continues to coach the next generation of French Canadian athletes. She is making an impact on our young badminton players by inspiring them to achieve excellence in their sport, as she did so many times over the years. Congratulations to Denyse Julien on an outstanding career, 

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