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2016 Yonex Canadian Masters
Dates: to
Prize money:-
Entry deadline:2016-03-11
2016 Yonex Canadian Masters
Tournament link:2016 Yonex Canadian Masters Badminton Championship

Tournament prospectus


Players without a member ID or without a login on Badminton Canada’s Tournament Software must sign-up following  the “New to Badminton Canada” link.

From there, follow the prompts by selecting province of residence –or international for foreign players-.

*If the province of residence does not appear on the list contact the Provincial Association to obtain a Member ID and email to be registered manually once Member ID is obtained.


For Quebec: Christian ( (514) 252-3066

For BC:  604-385-3599

For Saskatchewan: Frank Gaudet (


Please note: having participated in the Canadian Masters in the past does not mean the player has a valid ID to register for the 2016 event. If login or member ID is missing, the player must sign-up directly on the Badminton Canada Tournament Software portal.