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Eight Athletes to the 2018 Commonwealth Games Team

Gold Coast, Australia April 4-15, 2018

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Badminton Canada Congratulates Marty Deacon on Senate Appointment

Appointment of longstanding sport leader Martha (“Marty”) Deacon to the Senate of Canada

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Air Canada & Badminton Canada in New Partnership

Recieve 10%-15% off airfare with Air Canada on selected destinations!

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Junior Ranking (12-2018)

U19 Boys singles
1  Victor Wenlong Lu9,790
2  Aaron Hsu9,410
3  Brian Yang9,200
4  Bao Quoc Anthony Nguyen9,050
5  Kevin Wang8,350
6  Yunzhi Chen8,275
7  Andrew DongWon Choi6,980
8  Stanley Feng6,035
U19 Girls singles
1  Talia Hailey Ng12,260
2  Wendy Wen Yu Zhang12,180
3  Katie Ho-Shue10,230
42 Catherine Choi8,720
51 Yoko Ujike8,120
61 Eliana-R Zhang8,000
7  Jailyn Joensen7,475
8  Jacqueline Cheung6,415
U19 Boys doubles
1  Andrew DongWon Choi9,260
   Victor Wenlong Lu 
210 Stanley Feng7,500
   Brian Yang 
31 Yunzhi Chen7,375
   Raphael Motel 
49 Sam Sum Yin Ma6,240
   Gabriel Pharand 
U19 Girls doubles
1  Catherine Choi11,810
   Talia Hailey Ng 
2  Crystal Lai9,130
   Wendy Wen Yu Zhang 
3  Katie Ho-Shue8,510
   Eliana-R Zhang 
41 Samantha Hui7,030
   Seema Patel 
U19 Mixed doubles
1  Brian Yang13,000
   Katie Ho-Shue 
2  Kyle To11,430
   Crystal Lai 
3  Stanley Feng8,760
   Talia Hailey Ng 
41 Kevin Wang7,750
   Wendy Wen Yu Zhang 
U17 Boys singles
1  Darren Choi5,265
2  Colin Jia4,445
3  Patrick Zheng3,870
4  Joseph Lu3,682
53 Ivan Li3,590
61 Tom Liu3,497
71 Wenjun Ouyang3,387
81 Anthony Tso3,345
U17 Girls singles
1  Wendy Wen Yu Zhang12,180
2  Jacqueline Cheung6,415
3  Sharon Au5,745
4  Jeslyn Chow4,940
51 Rachel Chan4,360
61 Alayna Walia4,180
710 Noelle Lok Yan Yau3,553
81 Jasleen Kaur3,504
U17 Boys doubles
1  Darren Choi5,795
   Colin Jia 
2  Tom Liu4,960
   Joseph Lu 
31 Clarence Chau4,090
   Thomas Dent 
42 Minh Cheng3,642
   Win (Rong) Liao 
U17 Girls doubles
1  Sharon Au5,930
   Rebecca Lee 
2  Jacqueline Cheung5,675
   Tiffany Too 
33 Rachel Chan4,465
   Jeslyn Chow 
417 Charlie Nguyen3,715
   Alayna Walia 
U17 Mixed doubles
1  Jacqueline Cheung4,620
   Darren Choi 
21 Colin Jia4,465
   Rebecca Lee 
31 Joseph Lu4,257
   Tiffany Too 
41 Rachel Chan4,000
   Ivan Li 
U15 Boys singles
1  Victor Lai3,250
2  Minh Cheng3,069
33 Joshua Nguyen2,334
41 Easton Watson2,295
5  Tom Guo2,259
61 Jack Wang2,164
73 Ethan Chen2,134
8  Sam Yuan1,879
U15 Girls singles
11 Jackie Dent3,295
21 Sophia Nong3,278
32 Ariadné Panchbhai2,231
41 Jacqueline Jiaqi Fei2,229
51 Christina Lin2,135
6  Chloe Hoang2,126
71 Jessica V Cheng2,069
81 Christie Xu1,987
U15 Boys doubles
1  Victor Lai2,407
   Jack Wang 
2  Joshua Nguyen2,056
   Jasper M H Tang 
3  Ethan Chen2,031
   Tom Guo 
4  Julian Lau1,847
   Easton Watson 
U15 Girls doubles
1  Jessica V Cheng3,404
   Sophia Nong 
2  Jackie Dent3,028
   Christina Lin 
3  Jacqueline Jiaqi Fei2,233
   Christie Xu 
4  Naïma Bolduc-Sow2,045
   Alizée Gélinas 
U15 Mixed doubles
11 Sophia Nong2,870
   Minh Cheng 
21 Jessica V Cheng2,652
   Victor Lai 
3  Ethan Chen1,870
   Ally Chia 
4  Easton Watson1,750
   Alena Yu 

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