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Badminton Canada to induct Michael Butler and Jean-Guy Poitras

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 2016 U23/Junior Nationals

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Badminton Canada Announces

Badminton Canada Hires High Performance Manager and Communications Manager

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Junior Ranking (22-2016)

U19 Boys singles
1  Brian Yang9,000
2  Kevin Lee7,730
3  Byron Holcek7,500
4  Clement Chi Hin Chow7,200
5  Samuel Li6,150
6  Mathieu Morneau5,400
7  Desmond Wang5,090
8  Miklos Kanyasi5,020
U19 Girls singles
1  Kylie Cheng8,700
2  Qingzi Ouyang8,000
3  Katie Ho-Shue7,800
4  Erin O'Donoghue7,730
5  Cara De Belle6,150
6  Catherine Choi6,080
7  Chloe Rowe5,770
8  Giselle Chan5,700
U19 Boys doubles
1  Byron Holcek8,700
   Kevin Lee 
2  Clement Chi Hin Chow8,400
   Samuel Li 
3  Desmond Wang7,430
   Brian Yang 
4  Mathieu Morneau6,680
   Nicolas Nguyen 
U19 Girls doubles
1  Giselle Chan8,630
   Katie Ho-Shue 
2  Alexandra Mocanu7,800
   Erin O'Donoghue 
3  Crystal Lai7,650
   Chloe Rowe 
4  Cara De Belle7,350
   Sarah Gale 
U19 Mixed doubles
1  Kevin Lee9,300
   Jenna Yin Hei Wong 
2  Brian Yang9,000
   Katie Ho-Shue 
3  Clement Chi Hin Chow7,130
   Kylie Cheng 
4  Nicolas Nguyen6,680
   Alexandra Mocanu 
U17 Boys singles
1  Brian Yang9,000
2  Anthony Nguyen3,900
3  Connor Chin3,460
4  Andrew Choi3,370
5  Victor Wenlong Lu3,340
6  Stanley Feng3,270
7  Kevin Wang3,040
8  Kyle To3,035
U17 Girls singles
1  Katie Ho-Shue7,800
2  Catherine Choi6,080
3  Wendy Wen Yu Zhang4,500
4  Yoko Ujike3,830
5  Talia Hailey Ng3,600
6  Crystal Lai3,415
7  Emily Chan3,155
8  Jasleen Kaur3,075
U17 Boys doubles
1  Andrew Choi4,500
   Alexis Nadeau 
2  Arthur Cheung4,170
   Stanley Feng 
3  Byeong Jin Kim3,865
   Timothy Lee 
4  Kyle To3,635
   Kevin Wang 
U17 Girls doubles
1  Stephanie Cheung5,265
   Elizabeth Evans 
2  Catherine Choi4,500
   Talia Hailey Ng 
3  Michelle Yeung4,200
   Wendy Wen Yu Zhang 
4  Angela Chen3,530
   Belle Tuen 
U17 Mixed doubles
1  Brian Yang9,000
   Katie Ho-Shue 
2  Kyle To4,315
   Crystal Lai 
3  Victor Wenlong Lu3,825
   Talia Hailey Ng 
4  Stanley Feng3,340
   Angela Chen 



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