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Badminton Canada and Canadian badminton athletes applaud increased Federal Government support for Athlete Assistance Program in Budget 2017

Athlete Assistance Program | 2017 Budget 

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2017 Yonex Canadian National College - University Championships

The Rouge et Or are set to host the 2017 Yonex Canadian National College - University Championships from March 17-19 in Quebec City!

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Call for Events & Communication Officer

Badminton Canada: Events and Communication Officer (full-time) 

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Junior Ranking (12-2017)

U19 Boys singles
1  Brian Yang11,500
2  Mathieu Morneau8,280
3  Desmond Wang7,195
4  Aaron Hsu6,855
5  Miklos Kanyasi6,390
6  Victor Wenlong Lu6,270
7  Bao Quoc Anthony Nguyen6,175
8  Mark Dasios6,085
U19 Girls singles
1  Wendy Wen Yu Zhang10,000
2  Katie Ho-Shue9,930
3  Catherine Choi7,830
4  Talia Hailey Ng7,380
5  Yoko Ujike6,950
6  Cara De Belle6,690
7  Alexandra Mocanu6,145
8  Eyota Kwan5,765
U19 Boys doubles
1  Desmond Wang10,300
   Brian Yang 
2  Mathieu Morneau9,930
   Thien Quan Nicolas Nguyen 
3  Arthur Cheung7,380
   Stanley Feng 
4  Mark Dasios6,920
   Victor Wenlong Lu 
U19 Girls doubles
1  Katie Ho-Shue9,260
   Alexandra Mocanu 
2  Cara De Belle8,960
   Sarah Gale 
3  Eyota Kwan8,810
   Natalie Sybil Lam 
4  Catherine Choi8,750
   Talia Hailey Ng 
U19 Mixed doubles
1  Brian Yang11,500
   Katie Ho-Shue 
2  Thien Quan Nicolas Nguyen8,810
   Alexandra Mocanu 
3  Kyle To7,145
   Crystal Lai 
4  Mathieu Morneau6,525
   Eliana-R Zhang 
U17 Boys singles
1  Brian Yang11,500
2  Yunzhi Chen5,075
3  Kevin Wang4,850
4  Stanley Feng4,445
5  Kyle To4,107
6  Alexander Bianchini4,072
7  Victor Huang3,262
8  Raphael Motel3,076
U17 Girls singles
1  Wendy Wen Yu Zhang10,000
2  Catherine Choi7,830
3  Talia Hailey Ng7,380
4  Eliana-R Zhang5,290
52 Seema Patel4,680
61 Crystal Lai4,665
71 Emily Chan4,442
8  Jacqueline Cheung3,880
U17 Boys doubles
1  Kyle To5,450
   Kevin Wang 
2  Yunzhi Chen5,075
   Raphael Motel 
31 Alexander Bianchini4,092
   Patrick Zheng 
41 Connor Chin4,069
   Jonah Koller 
U17 Girls doubles
1  Catherine Choi8,750
   Talia Hailey Ng 
2  Crystal Lai5,500
   Wendy Wen Yu Zhang 
3  Jacqueline Cheung5,000
   Tiffany Too 
4  Emily Chan4,445
   Eliana-R Zhang 
U17 Mixed doubles
1  Kyle To7,145
   Crystal Lai 
2  Stanley Feng5,145
   Talia Hailey Ng 
3  Catherine Choi4,069
   Colin Jia 
4  Alexander Bianchini3,917
   Catherine Plante-Gonthier 
U15 Boys singles
1  Jadon Kai Hay Tsang2,141
2  Minh Cheng2,126
3  Victor Lai1,939
4  Ivan Li1,938
5  Kai Ma1,758
6  Braydon Wang1,748
7  Ethan Chen1,683
8  Jack Wang1,510
U15 Girls singles
1  Rachel Chan2,407
2  Jeslyn Chow2,314
3  Alayna Walia2,149
4  Lily Bastell1,939
5  Sophia Nong1,750
6  Lauren Lam1,750
7  Natalie Yee1,627
8  Christie Xu1,482
U15 Boys doubles
1  Minh Cheng2,500
   Ivan Li 
2  Peter Chui1,914
   Justin Law 
3  Victor Lai1,767
   Win (Rong) Liao 
4  Braydon Wang1,636
   Dylan Wang 
U15 Girls doubles
1  Jeslyn Chow2,314
   Alayna Walia 
2  Lily Bastell2,127
   Mataia Wong 
3  Jessica V Cheng2,126
   Sophia Nong 
4  Christie Xu1,629
   Natalie Yee 
U15 Mixed doubles
1  Rachel Chan2,407
   Ivan Li 
2  Minh Cheng2,128
   Alayna Walia 
3  Kai Ma1,657
   Lily Bastell 
4  Justin Law1,605
   Christie Xu 

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