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Team Canada Wins GOLD at the XXI Pan American Championships Mixed Team Event 2017

For an 11th consecutive year, Team Canada smashes its way on top of the PAN AM podium! 

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CCAA/ACSC Rankings Update + Concordia Thunder to host 2018 CCAA/ACSC Badminton National Championships

The 2018 CCAA Badminton National Championships will be held in Edmonton, AB, Feb. 28 to March 3, 2018. 

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XXI Pan American Championships Mixed Team Event 2017: Team Canada!

Badminton Canada is pleased to announce the list of athletes to represent Canada at the XXI Pan American Championships Mixed Team Event 2017

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Badminton PEI, SummersideFebruary 26, 2017MS, WS, MD, WD, XD

SBA Winter Open

Soong Badminton Academy, OttawaFebruary 26, 2017Open XD


Junior Ranking (8-2017)

U19 Boys singles
1  Brian Yang11,500
2  Mathieu Morneau7,520
31 Desmond Wang7,290
44 Aaron Hsu6,855
52 Miklos Kanyasi6,770
61 Victor Wenlong Lu6,270
71 Bao Quoc Anthony Nguyen6,175
81 Mark Dasios6,085
U19 Girls singles
1  Katie Ho-Shue10,300
2  Wendy Wen Yu Zhang9,500
3  Catherine Choi7,830
4  Cara De Belle7,070
51 Talia Hailey Ng7,000
61 Yoko Ujike6,950
72 Alexandra Mocanu6,145
81 Natalie Sybil Lam6,010
U19 Boys doubles
11 Desmond Wang10,300
   Brian Yang 
21 Mathieu Morneau9,550
   Thien Quan Nicolas Nguyen 
32 Arthur Cheung7,030
   Stanley Feng 
41 Mark Dasios6,920
   Victor Wenlong Lu 
U19 Girls doubles
1  Eyota Kwan8,810
   Natalie Sybil Lam 
2  Catherine Choi8,750
   Talia Hailey Ng 
3  Cara De Belle8,580
   Sarah Gale 
44 Katie Ho-Shue6,760
   Alexandra Mocanu 
U19 Mixed doubles
1  Brian Yang11,500
   Katie Ho-Shue 
2  Thien Quan Nicolas Nguyen8,430
   Alexandra Mocanu 
3  Kyle To7,145
   Crystal Lai 
4  Mathieu Morneau6,430
   Eliana-R Zhang 
U17 Boys singles
1  Brian Yang11,500
2  Yunzhi Chen5,050
3  Kevin Wang4,477
41 Stanley Feng4,257
51 Kyle To4,107
6  Alexander Bianchini3,690
7  Victor Huang3,262
82 Darren Choi2,777
U17 Girls singles
1  Wendy Wen Yu Zhang9,500
2  Catherine Choi7,830
3  Talia Hailey Ng7,000
4  Eliana-R Zhang5,170
5  Crystal Lai4,665
6  Emily Chan4,067
7  Seema Patel3,767
8  Jacqueline Cheung3,505
U17 Boys doubles
1  Kyle To4,660
   Kevin Wang 
23 Clarence Chau3,500
   Anthony Tso 
31 Darren Choi3,452
   Colin Jia 
411 Connor Chin3,192
   Jonah Koller 
U17 Girls doubles
1  Catherine Choi8,750
   Talia Hailey Ng 
2  Jacqueline Cheung4,627
   Tiffany Too 
3  Emily Chan4,255
   Eliana-R Zhang 
421 Crystal Lai3,750
   Wendy Wen Yu Zhang 
U17 Mixed doubles
1  Kyle To7,145
   Crystal Lai 
2  Stanley Feng5,145
   Talia Hailey Ng 
3  Catherine Choi3,879
   Colin Jia 
44 Yunzhi Chen3,870
   Wendy Wen Yu Zhang 
U15 Boys singles
1  Minh Cheng2,126
2  Ivan Li1,938
3  Victor Lai1,752
4  Braydon Wang1,748
51 Jadon Kai Hay Tsang1,735
63 Justin Law1,391
72 Dylan Wang1,368
81 Jack Wang1,305
U15 Girls singles
1  Jeslyn Chow2,314
2  Rachel Chan2,100
33 Alayna Walia1,654
41 Lily Bastell1,629
51 Sophia Nong1,543
61 Natalie Yee1,504
7  Christie Xu1,359
8  Jackie Elizabeth Xiaomei Dent1,217
U15 Boys doubles
1  Minh Cheng2,193
   Ivan Li 
22 Peter Chui1,700
   Justin Law 
31 Braydon Wang1,636
   Dylan Wang 
41 Victor Lai1,549
   Win (Rong) Liao 
U15 Girls doubles
1  Jessica V Cheng1,860
   Sophia Nong 
2  Lily Bastell1,817
   Mataia Wong 
33 Jeslyn Chow1,689
   Alayna Walia 
41 Rachel Chan1,579
   Cassidy Li 
U15 Mixed doubles
1  Rachel Chan2,100
   Ivan Li 
2  Justin Law1,605
   Christie Xu 
35 Minh Cheng1,596
   Alayna Walia 
4  Kai Ma1,534
   Lily Bastell 

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