BPAC Statement on Pan Am Junior 2020


BPAC Statement on Pan Am Junior 2020

The 2020 edition of the Pan American Junior Championships has been canceled

Official communication from Badminton Pan Am:

At this difficult time with COVID-19, we hope all the Badminton community in our Region is safe, in good health and taking the necessary prevention and care needed, which will take us into better times.

The reason for our letter is to communicate that today our Ex-Co had a Conference Call in which one of the points covered was the unforeseen challenges around our sport and the measures that needs to be taken by our member associations in our region, and by Badminton Pan Am.

In reference to hosting events, keeping in mind the wellbeing of our players, coaches, Technical Officials and all involved, and following our Events Committee recommendation, it was voted to cancel the 2020 Junior Pan Am and to hold our next Junior Pan Am Championships in July 2021 in Acapulco, Mexico.

We appreciate the support of Federacion Mexicana de Badminton in this decision, as well as our Membership’s understanding.  We hope that soon we will all be returning to our activities in our countries and our Region.

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