Badminton Canada announces a new member to the Board of Directors


Badminton Canada announces a new member to the Board of Directors

Badminton Canada is proud to appoint Fred D’Amours as a new member of the Board of Directors

Fred D’Amours joins the Board of Directors with a wealth of experience both as a professional, and as a badminton player himself. From an early age, Fred was an avid tennis player, but the limited facilities in Riviere de Loup, Quebec made it difficult to train regularly, so he transitioned to badminton with the help of friends and neighbors. By the age of 15, Fred was playing competitive badminton, and began to travel and compete on the national level.


After his athletic career, Fred took over the family business in food retail, and has been committed to his job for the past 22 years. With the experience of being on other boards and committees, Fred now feels he has the opportunity to give back to the sport that allowed him to travel, compete, and make friends across the country.


 “I am very excited and honoured to be part of Badminton Canada’s Board of Directors” said Fred D’Amours, newly appointed Director at Large. “I hope I can be an asset to the organization in finding ways to give back to a sport that has given me so much.”


“We are extremely fortunate and thrilled with the appointment of Fred D’Amours to our Board of Directors” said Anil Kaul, President of Badminton Canada. “We are confident that Fred can help us better engage with our francophone community and help support Canada as we continue to improve our sport.”


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