Build a sustainable and clearly understood world class high performance development system that will provide outstanding training and competition opportunities for Canadian badminton athletes.
Provide National leadership for excellence and participation by organizing, regulating. monitoring and reviewing all levels of participation. Badminton Canada  must be well aligned with our member organizations and sport partners as well as being accountable and performance-oriented
Develop male and female badminton athletes who are amongst the best in the world, athletes that consistently achieve top 16 BWF rankings and podium results at the World Championships and Olympic games. To win a medal at the 2020 Olympic games.



To be an innovative and highly respected sports organization that is the leader in contributing to badminton becoming the most successful racquet sport in Canada and the world by enabling Canadian Athletes, Coaches and Officials of all ages, cultural background and skill level the opportunity to excel in badminton and in life. 



Badminton Canada recognizes the following principles to guide our decisions, policies and practices:

  1. Enjoyment- Participation in all aspects of badminton (competition, volunteering, coaching, as a fan etc.) should be an enjoyable and life enhancing experience
  2. Excellence- Striving to support all people to achieve their personal level of excellence and strive for professional excellence in all of its activities.
  3. Trust- Acting in an open and honest manner that creates trust in all of our relationships.
  4. Respect- Creating an environment that recognizes and encourages the views, roles and contributions of everyone.
  5. Genuine Collaboration- Using the expertise, knowledge and input of all of our membership and partners to strengthen the programs, events and ideals that we stand for.
  6. Transparency- Clearly outlining and reporting all of our activities and keeping an open and honest flow of communication to our membership.Accountability- Creating policies and procedures that define how we conduct ourselves and work with our membership and communicating that information to everyone. 
  7. Inclusiveness/Equal Opportunities- Participation in our activities should encourage and be open to anyone who wants to get involved